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Building Framing Takeoff in Columbia SC

Our Pre-Construction Material Package Can Lower Project Costs By

  • Cutting project time
  • Providing accurate material takeoffs
  • Preventing waste
  • Organizing framing deliveries
  • Increasing job cost accuracy
  • Reducing the number of change orders

Benefits of Our Services

  • We save you time and money by outsourcing your estimating and reducing your overhead
  • We improve your business efficiency
  • We complete your estimate package using precise details
  • We deliver your estimate in a timely manner
  • We are available when you need us
construction takeoffs in Columbia SC
Insulation Estimating

What We Offer

  • Competitive pricing on any size project
  • Quick turnaround time, typically within five business days
  • Easy to read color-coded components shown on plans
  • Detailed and organized materials list
  • Discrepancy notes
  • Files formatted for easy importing
  • Construction consulting
  • Construction trade referrals

Our Estimate Package Can Include

Wood Framing
Simpson or USP Hardware
Siding and Cornice
Porches and Columns
Interior Trim and Doors
Windows and Exterior Doors
Floor Finishes
Paint or Stain
Labor Costs

General Contractor Estimating Columbia SC

Our Consruction Estimates are used by

General Contractors

In the bidding process, knowing the materials’ quantities and unit prices when collecting sub-contractor quotes is essential. At Cross-Grain, we use our knowledge of sub-contractor pricing to give general contractors unbiased estimated labor costs for all work that needs to be done on a project. Our estimating service is also a way for general contractors to qualify their sub-contractors’ numbers.


Sub-contractors often spend all day on the job site and then spend countless hours in the evening putting bids together. As a full-time estimating firm, Cross-Grain can save sub-contractors valuable time. We can also calculate costs and materials with high precision, resulting in more bids won.


The average cost of a full-time estimator is around $60,000 per year plus benefits. Outsourcing takeoffs to Cross-Grain can lower suppliers’ overhead considerably, increasing profit margins. Also, the professional takeoffs and plan notes we provide will give suppliers’ sales teams the winning edge they might need to compete for valuable customers.


Cross-Grain provides valuable cost estimating to local and national firms that used to rely on square foot pricing from general contractors bidding for their services. Square foot-based bidding can provide inaccurate budgets and over-design. Our framework provides architects with individual trades, quantities, and real sub-contractor costs. By establishing budgets before the plans are completed, adjustments can be made before the final plan submission. This gives the client the opportunity to compare and analyze the costs before the plans are bid.


If your firm needs help “Value Engineering” a project we can estimate different options for you. We will breakout each option in an easy-to-read package.


Unfortunately, disputes and lawsuits occur in the construction industry. Cross-Grain can provide law firms with an unbiased cost estimate on completed or semi-completed projects. Our detailed materials lists, which can also include labor costs, provide accurate evidence that can be used to resolve a dispute.

Homeowners, Realtors, and Developers

As a professional estimating company, Cross-Grain can provide an early budget based on simple qualifications, which can provide homeowners and developers with realistic costs and advice enabling evaluation of and progress on construction plans.


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We provide estimate packages for contractors, builders, suppliers, architects, engineers, lawyers, homeowners, realtors, and developers.


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We provide complete construction estimating services for every phase of the design, construction, and budgeting process.


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We provide unsurpassed professional estimating and takeoff services.

construction estimating Columbia SC


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Blake and Amy Berkley are the capable team of Cross-Grain.  With Blake’s years of experience in the building and construction industry, along with Amy’s administrative skills, Cross-Grain is quickly becoming the leader in the construction estimating industry.

“I would absolutely recommend you let Cross-Grain take care of your takeoffs. The Cross-Grain team is efficient, and the estimate packages they provide are accurate and professional. Cross-Grain provides a quick turnaround with a reliable product, both of which are invaluable in the industry.”

Charley Weir
General Manager of The Building Center, Inc.

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